Reading University Boat Club - Strength & Conditioning

- Your motivation and advice helped me not only with my training but with my degree, Thank you so much for all your help & support throughout my 3 years

-You've been such a great support not only for me but for so many others at the club too. Please always continue to shine your light, because it allows so many others to find their way out of their tunnels

-You are truly an inspirational guy and you made getting up at 6am to go to the gym enjoyable. I know every member of RUBC looks forward to your sessions. I feel you gave me massive confidence in myself not only in the gym & boat but also outside in my everyday life. Thank you so much

- I never thought I could actually win Henley, thank you so much for the training, advice and giving me the belief in myself.

World Record Holder Open Water Swimmer:

-Thank you so much for putting me together each week, without your help I could not achieve what I have

Footballers & Referees- Professional, semi professional, Academy & grassroots- Strength & Conditioning, Sports Massage

- I have never felt so fit going into a preseason, that has to be the hardest I've ever worked and I mean even in the pro game

-The advice that you gave me has allowed me to develop as a player and in myself

- I am now faster than any player I come up against and feel so much sharper and more agile

-If ever I am injured I know where i will be coming, thank you so much for your treatment, advice & rehab!! Bring on the season

- Thanks to you, and your massage (ouch!!) I was able to officiate in the cup final

-I have never been taught to lift weights like you taught me and can already feel the benefits in my game. Thank you so much for all your help

-I will always send people to you, If they want to get fit, you're the man, if they have an injury, you're the man! Thank you 

Huntswood Corporate Massage:

-Really great feedback from everyone, we hope to get Roddy in again.

-Massage was excellent and very beneficial thank you!  Would definitely welcome more

-Mine was fab, best I’ve had at work

-Amazing, he actually spent time massaging and not lecturing like the others did.  He gave advice whilst massaging.  I would definitely rebook again as he said he can help with the posture issue I have from sitting all day.

-I thought he was very good. In particular he gave some tips/advice on exercises to do at your desk to reduce back pain etc that was very helpful.

-Thoroughly enjoyed the session  - definitely would do it again. Very professional yet friendly as well.

-I thought that was the best massage we’ve had to date from the various suppliers who have visited HW

-Great pressure applied in the areas needed. Quicker to identify where the ‘sore’ spots were & More immediate relaxation of ‘tense’ areas.

-I thought the massage was brilliant. Roddy was very knowledgeable and professional, I would definitely sign up if another session was offered. Thanks!

I thought Roddy was fab – I have a problem with my shoulder/neck and within two minutes he’d sussed what was wrong.  I’d definitely be interested in Roddy coming back in!