Correct Prevent Maintain...

Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Injury treatment & prevention, NST, Rehab work & Taping & Strapping are a few of the areas that I concentrate on when looking after my clients.
Integrating my two fields of expertise - Reach Attain Win mentoring, and the treatment of sports-related injuries - has lead me to concentrate on identifying the root cause of problems to better understand their pathology, and to be able to address them through the most effective application of exercise, treatment, or lifestyle change. Seeing the results of this approach, encouraged me to study further and qualify as an NST practitioner, taking this school of thought and treatment to a deeper level: treating clients from a whole-body approach rather than tackling each problem in isolation.

This integrated approach is the key to my success. I am a firm believer in research, learning, and assimilating the latest and most effective methodologies into my clients' sessions. Whether I am offering Corporate Massage, Sports Massage to a World Champion Swimmer or Remedial massage for an elderly client, my approach is to look at their lifestyle, how we can change the root cause of the problem and provide them with the tools to self manage, whilst I support with my advice & treatment.