I have been working with the mentoring & fitness of children & teenagers for over 15 years now and have worked with specialist schools, Pupil Referral Units and mainstream school, in mentoring, educating and training their students to help them believe in themselves, interact with others and groups, improve performance in school or merely to do some form of exercising. This is highly rewarding when you see a student who never leaves their home, train at a private members gym or run in order to beat their own walking personal best or play in a team for the first time ever, or when they are at risk of exclusion, yet turn it around to be a success for them and the school. The success, health & fitness of our Youth is an area I am extremely passionate about, and I work very closely with individual children & groups helping them achieve their own personal goals be it, World Junior U23 Long Jump champion at 14 years old, Fastest Sprinter at Under 11 competition, perform better in school or just to take part in sport.