Roddy Slater has been involved in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. His own international sporting background has enabled him to understand the concepts and methods essential in training and motivating people, and working within the forum of international competition from an early age he has developed tried and tested methods in how to set goals, how to road map the journey, and how to achieve.

Reach Attain Win...

After firstly applying his methods to his own sporting career, he realised the potential benefits they could bring to others: he offered his services as a trainer and started encouraging clients in setting realistic and achievable goals, and mentoring their progress.

With experience came diversified interests and a broader skill set. He applied his methods to Cross Training and saw how powerful they could be for sports-specific clients, and the fitness enthusiast alike. His approach secured successes for goal-oriented projects - such as training -the UK Miss Fitness Champion of the time for her speed and endurance requirements -Conditioning Professional Footballers in preparation for season- National Hockey Champions for speed & strength and conditioning- GB Rowers & and more recently -Henley Woman's Regatta Singles sculling Champion for strength and conditioning & mental preparation & S&C for the current EUSA woman's lightweight Quad & Doubles Champions and also gaining recognition with competition level Olympic, Commonwealth and Pro-Sports participants.

Roddy takes great pride in ensuring the top level fitness of sporting clubs and individuals: his clients and their progress continue to reflect this.

In 1998 Roddy qualified in Sports Massage through the FSMT (Fellowship of Sports Massage Therapists) and gained new insights into training and treating clients. Understanding injuries at the anatomical level has given him the ability to treat and advise in order to promote recovery and prevent recurrence.

In recent years, Roddy has developed and refined his programme to mentor clients beyond the setting and attaining of goals, to refocusing their approach to training and treatments at the lifestyle level.

Correct Prevent Maintain...

Integrating his two fields of expertise - Reach Attain Win mentoring, and the treatment of sports-related injuries - has lead him to concentrate on identifying the root cause of problems to better understand their pathology, and to be able to address them through the most effective application of exercise, treatment, or lifestyle change. Seeing the results of this approach encouraged Roddy to study further and qualify as an NST practitioner, taking this school of thought and treatment to a deeper level: treating clients from a whole-body approach rather than tackling each problem in isolation.

This integrated approach is the key to Roddy's success. He is a firm believer in research, learning, and assimilating the latest and most effective methodologies into his clients' training programmes - be they a fitness enthusiast, celebrity or Competition Level Pro. His unique approach, personality, thirst for continual development, and drive for his clients' continued success not only sets Roddy apart from his peers, but defines him as leader in his field.

Roddy is an Associate member of UKSCA, a member of Embody with his Sports Massage qualification, a fully qualified personal fitness, speed & core trainer, and a Neuro-Structural Integrated Technique (NST) Practitioner.